Digital Software Solution for Workshops and Fitment Centers

Interact and serve customers with a complete understanding of their past, present, and future. Create extraordinary customer relationships with intelligent sales automation. Deliver accurate, AI-powered predictions about your customers and your business.
Gain insight into customers current state with a complete historical record and the sales analytics tools to make sense of it.
Connect to Customers
Modernize and streamline customer engagements across all communication channels in a cost-effective manner by leveraging the power of Minc. Digital business solution, cloud technology and Automation. Minc. enables companies to anticipate customer needs and personalize experiences across Self service channels.
The use of digital technologies in industry has transformed how businesses interact with their customers. To adapt to this changing world, organizations must embrace digitisation.

With the help of new technologies, you can future-proof your SME by transforming your business model to increase productivity and profitability. It may mean replacing manual processes with a digital Minc. Solution or upgrading current digital resources with newer, more capable ones.

Workshop solution

Minc digital workshop solution is a Cloud based data system enabling you to manage and have a 360  transparent view of activities in your workspace from any internet device and any location.

Minc is an affordable, scalable  Business management system designed to adapt to your specific workshop environment and needs.

Extend your service levels with Self-service Client portals.

The Minc system assists with management of day to day tasks, simplifying your workflow processes.

Have a real-time view of your business performance and financial status.

Increase profits with cross-selling partnerships via the Minc Service Network.

Always stay connected to your Business.

The Minc system is a business cost saving solution.

The Minc solution simplifies workplace processes with real-time activity reporting.

Integrate with your current Web-Site... We simply add a client Login link

Have your own easy to opporate Digital Data Management System


The Minc system brings a new digital Sales solution for Up-selling and Cross-selling into your workshop.

Maximize profits with multi-products in partnership with the Minc Network Service Providers.

Offer Client's a one-stop workshop solution. Extend your product offerings and maximize profits with digital automation, to include:

  • Your core business products
  • Auto Glass repair & replacements
  • Insurance related products
  • Mechanical Warranties
  • Affordable car rental
  • Vehicle license renewals
  • Light accident damage repairs
  • Tyre replacement services.
  • Customer e-store

A Real -time Digital  Electronic Vehicle inspection App (Vehicle health check) integrates all in-Store Sales Opportunities to  your Data management system as well as to relevant Service Partners for fast quoting. Track real-time  Sales Opportunity statuses and pipeline commissions with profit forecasting and transparent BI reporting. 

With the Vehicle Health Check you enhance the customer experience.

Quotations are delivered to the Client portal.

Interact with  SMS integration.

Retain Customers

Retain customers and future sales opportunities. The Minc system's real-time reporting and dashboards gives a one-click drill-down view of all Clients data, sales histories and sales offerings.

Have one-click access to Vehicle data, Cross-selling opportunities, sales pipelines and more...

Engage with Clients through the Self service Customer Portal and enable your clients to view quotes, Invoices, statements and work order updates.

Client's use the portal for easy Quote acceptance, Bookings, Work order requests.

Client's have direct access to their file via portal and keep your data updated. Client's can add additional Vehicle data and Images.

On-board new clients with a simple registration process. Your Sales team can register new leads and clients on their Sales Portal... Always know how your external Sales teams are performing...

All in real-Time !!!

Cloud based SSL mobility

Minc is a Cloud SSL secure Data management system.

Your Minc data can be viewed on any internet connected device. (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphones).

The Minc system is integrated with Google maps for all geo-location functions.

With Minc you are always connected to all your workshop activities from any location.

Secure your data and comply with regulated personal information act's. Your data is securely stored and always backed-up in the real-time Minc Cloud Platform.

Always have access to your data. Easily export your data with CSV. export management. Easily export to your MS Office tools.

With the Minc system you have all your data stored on one secure Data management System with User access control.

Easily create BI reports.

The  Minc cloud server is a shared server. Minc will increase your server capacity as you grow. No need for expensive server upgrades.

With the Minc Cloud web server you can connect with external Sales points, do external Sales promotions and see  real-time   campaign lead onboarding and performances.

Minc Customization

The Minc system can be costumed to fit your Business Branding (White Labeled)

Custom your Engagement Portals to suite your Brand. Make The Minc system your own.

  • White Label all Portals
  • White Label your CRBM
  • Insert your Logos on all documents (e.g. Quotes, Invoices, Work Orders, etc.).
  • Add and manage your own advertising Billboard with Live editable integration to your Website Billboard page.
  • The Minc system enables you to start with the free sponsored  start-up version and upgraded to a Paid White Labeled system within 5 working days should you prefer a more personalized platform.

With your dedicated Minc  IT team we enable you to adapt and switch to a White Labeled system without any down time. We design your new look and feel with your total design input.

All previous functionality will stay the same. No need for re-training.

With the Minc system you enter the New way of doing things and have a cost effective solution to stay competitive.

Don't be left behind with Old School IT...

Ten point Check Portal

Your Ten point check Portal App is a web based data loading Portal.

Open Job Cards on the Portal (Enter Client info and create a Client & Vehicle profile integrating and delivering real-time data to your CRBM)

Your Technician performs a basic Ten point Vehicle Health check. Data is recorded in the Vehicle Module creating you a transparent view of potential problem areas. All failed items will automatically create a Draft Quote in the CRBM.

With User level access, the Quotes are delivered to the correct department or Service provider for quick response times.

The Safety Check delivers real-time feedback to the Client Portal App and updates the Vehicle health status. All problem areas display as pending Quotes in the Clients Quote Box.

an Automated SMS  route Client's to the updated status and identified problem checks. Clients can accept or decline the quoted offering, otherwise the Quote stays on the portal for future service rendering.

The Ten point check module records a history and identifies potential Sales opportunities. This process generates Sale pipelines and future Sale Forecasting.

Route Client's back to your Workshop for regular Free Safety Inspections.


Your Minc CRBM is your main data platform. Here you can view all activities related to your workflow processes.

Portals integrate with your CRBM and data is loaded in real-time.

Here you create reports and dashboards.

Your Minc CRBM is Cloud based with SSL Certificate security.

The CRBM platform has multi systems integrated into one:

CRM, POS, Booking Calendar, ERP, SMS platform and can integrate with Sage One accounting.

Your CRBM is cloud based with User access control and can be accessed from any internet connected device on any browser.


Your Customer Relations Manager (CRM) is the client data management platform.

View Client profiles and Vehicle data.

Here you view data relationships with your workflow process.

All data has one-click access and subpanels are linked to the client's profile.

Create real-time reports and dashboards for a full 360 view of client activities.

Use the SMS platform to send messages directly from the CRM and create SMS histories on clients.

Create your own SMS campaigns. (No more need for outsourced service providers).


Your CRBM point of sale platform is integrated with your CRM data. No need to recapture data on an Invoicing program.

Your POS integrates with the Ten Point Check portal.

All potential sales opportunities pull through automatically to a draft Quote or Work Orders.

Easily create Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase orders, Products (stock control), Payments and client statements which are all delivered in real-time to the Client Portal and Field Tech Portal

Your POS can integrate with Sage One for full accounting functions.

All data is  real-time and can be viewed on your cloud CRBM login.

Give your accountant login access.

Real-time reporting and dashboards give you a 360 view of your businesses financial and staff performances.

SMS Platform

Always stay in contact with your Client. Utilize your built in SMS platform directly from your CRBM. (500 Free SMS's included in your monthly subscription package) "No more need for outside SMS service providers"

Send client's Booking reminders, Campaign links and Portal routing SMS's.

Your CRBM creates a SMS sent  history and is linked to your Clients profile. (view in subpanels) Filter campaign SMS's and reports.

SMS clients to remind and route them to the Portal Billboard. (Paste electronic flyers and offerings on the Billboard).

Utilize the SMS function as part of your Omni Marketing channel.


Your Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) connects all internal and external workforces with each other.

All teams will have a 360 view of service levels, job status, job progress and Stock updates (Service parts used) all in real-time.

Managers can identify problem areas with real-time dashboards.

Enhance Customer experience... Communicate with clients through the Client portals. (real-time updates and Quotes)

Plan your Field service resources using the resource calendar.

Deliver work order in real-time on the Techie Portal.

Manage inventory levels (have a real-time view of service items used and create expense reports)

Field Service Tech App

Always stay in contact with your Field Service Teams. Deliver Job Cards directly to their Portal.

The Field Service App identifies the Technician on Login.

You assign work orders to the correct Tech and the App enables you to monitor Work Order statuses.

Status reporting is visible in the CRBM for easy reporting and visual dashboards.

Sage One accounting - integration

Multi- Branch / Sales Centres Connection

Minc Software


The Minc DMS software has various connecting, data loading and data gathering platforms.

All Minc software solutions are integrated web based platforms. Login on any internet device.

Minc software is not an AppStore download. No need for regular updates.

Your Minc software's new future features are integrated into all portals. No need for customers or any web App users to re-install Apps.

Current Web Apps Available:

  • EVHC App (Vehicle health check)
  • Client Portal App (Client engagement App)
  • Field Tech App (Field communication App)
  • Promo App (Field promoters/ sales team App)

All The Minc App's have client on-boarding functions (lead generating and Client registration)

All The Minc App's integrate with your DMS (Data management system)

Your Minc system comes with  full IT support.

Dedicated IT Technicians will assist you with creating personalized BI Reporting and Management Dashboards.


Once off:

Joining, Setup & Training fee:

R 3300.00

**Annual subscription and Support fee- sponsored**

by: Motor Glass Group SA.

Tc's & C's Apply


Integrated Mobile Electronic vehicle health check “should deliver extra R200 per job card.”

The Minc.. EVHC is vital to a workshop as a soft Cross-selling and up-selling sales tool. The fully-integrated EVHC, DMS and Client Portal identifies extra chargeable work. “Correctly used, the EVHC should contribute an extra R200 for every Vehicle visit.

Business Asset

New, intelligent technologies like business intelligence & automation, data on-boarding platforms, the Internet of Things, and Cloud-Software systems are reshaping business processes and redrawing the lines of competition.
The businesses that will thrive in the future are those keeping in step with the technology evolution, using it to put intelligence at the center of their business. They are using it to build new capabilities and evolving their workplace culture to achieve better outcomes.

Digitalization, Automation and Data will  improve the way businesses connect with increasingly demanding customers who expect service providers to recall their preferences, anticipate needs, and personalize experiences.

Let your Business software be an asset and income generator...

Minc. EVHC - also known as the silent Salesman.

Integrated Service Partners