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About MG Repairs

The MG Repairs Network is a demand managed structure focused on service delivery through the brand-new Business Box System. MG Repairs expects it to eradicate a lot of inconsistencies that exist in the older windscreen repair service delivery structure and it presented them with the opportunity to bring everything together in a standardized way.

There are three different levels of key network players

Business Box Partners

Point of sale,
chip repairs and
windscreen replacement agents

MG Direct Retail

Full service provider for all non-         Business Box partners

  • In - Store Repair service Provider

MG Assist

Real-time virtual windscreen replacement pricing, Supplier, Installations, Warranty supplier and  Insurance Claims Assist portal

MG Plus Benefits

MG Plus brings you the BEST PRICE PROMISE...

  • Your smart profile will have a windscreen quote attached for future reference. You can compare our quote with other outlets. Should you receive a better quote, we will be obliged to better the quote.
  • MG Plus member receive discounted windscreen repair pricing
  • MG Plus members receive discounts on other motor vehicle repair offerings from our Partners, e.g. Dent & Scratch, Insurance Products, Car Hire, Mechanical Repairs etc.

In most current and legacy systems, when a client wants a quote, every company has its own way of doing them. There are many ways to quote and do windscreen repairs. Some equipment over complicate the process and others are just not up to standard. The MG Repairs Network aim to give the market a standardized pricing, affordable quality product and a vast service delivery network focused on easily accessible, convenient and reliable service.

“With the MG Repairs Network, we are able to share best practices across the industry, and that means we work together creating a network of windscreen service providers in a way that wasn’t possible before”... Your local windscreen repairer you can TRUST...

Mobile Repairs

  • You can opt for mobile repairs
  • Easy online bookings
  • A Technician will come to you at no extra charge
  • You can track your booking on your smart phone or other internet devices

Mobile Fitments

  • All our fitments teams and Agents are geared for Mobile installations.
  • We come to you at your preferred fitment address
  • You can track your fitment process on your smart phone or other internet devices...

The MG Repair Network involves a combined Motor Glass platform which is driven by individually owned Motor Glass professionals,  Motor Glass Enterprises and the MG Direct Retail division, linked by the MG Connect 4.0 gateway. These key network players are about ensuring that in every unit there are competent people, top quality skills and good governance, ensuring customers receive quality, value for money service.

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